This is my hot scale trap I'm trying to change
  1. First date...she tells you you're not her type but then proceeds to force you back to your place for sex and anal on this amazing first date, thanks bumble 😉😬
  2. Plan a 3rd date as a weekend getaway and experience a golden shower by accident...well her fetish I went along with hoping to please her insatiable sex appetite
  3. Sex toys and sex domination games where she is the slave and you're the master 🙈😈
  4. 40+ woman that looks 28 with amazing fake everything
  5. Plenty of cash and $1M house with no real answer to "How" but you don't care cuz the anal and domination continue
  6. Amazing arm candy like a porn star on a computer nerd
  7. Begging you to leave it in and then scare thoughts of wanting to have your next baby
  8. All her friends tell you she is so happy and no one can please her like you....but really no one sticks around like you 😐
  9. Running for the hills every time she leaves you alone....excepting volunteer work travel trips just to get away for her black widow claws
  10. TBC as I'm living this list now....hope to update once I DTB