There have been many questionable technological advances. Here are some of the worst:
  1. Subwoofers
    This is the reason that the house party that is happening a kilometre away is keeping you awake at night. Audio's equivalent of second-hand smoke.
  2. Karaoke machines
    This is a tool that enables self-absorbed people to ruin an evening of drinking with their out-of-tune singing and bad taste.
  3. Guns
    Why do we need guns? Oh yeah, I forgot, because we have karaoke machines.
  4. 3D entertainment
    If the story, cinematography and acting don't provide an immersive experience then the movie sucks. Adding out-of-focus floating things will not make it better.
  5. Personal automobiles
    These continue to turn our once beautiful planet into hell. It's not just the exhaust, it's the size of the things, and the required infrastructure.
  6. Sequencers in "live" music
    If you can't afford to pay for a whole band of real musicians, then you should just hire the singer who plays only the guitar or piano, because the duo that sounds like Toto playing in a pub is even worse than processed cheese spread on nachos.
  7. Indestructible digital devices with a 3 year life expectancy.
    Why is my Apple laptop made out of the same material as the hull of the star ship Enterprise when it will need to be replaced in 3 years because of obsolete operational capacity?