1. Doctors who schedule 6 months out and then have their staff call you a week out to reschedule
    Don't they understand that I have a life too. Don't they understand that I had to ask for the time off to go see them get approval from 2 other people and fill out forms so I could see them on a specific day
  2. Doctors that don't have a clue what their doing
  3. Doctors that take offense if I have questions
  4. Doctors who who only see patients one day a week in the morning
  5. Doctors who make me tell my story 6 times by having the person on the phone ask for my life story the the nurse then sending in an intern then a resident then a fellow and then finally show up
  6. Doctors who treat me like a test subject: inviting students, other doctors, nurses etc... to take a listen to my heart as if it were their property and not inside my body
  7. Doctors who tell you there going to fix you and then try an unproven procedure on you... It doesn't work and then they tell you they just wanted to try it because it might have worked (stop wasting my time)
  8. Doctors who don't listen
  9. Doctors who don't knock on the door after someone told the patient to disrobe on the other side (so rude)
  10. Doctors who have cold hands
  11. Doctors who don't send you the results of your blood work
  12. Doctors and staff who don't return phone calls
  13. Doctors who don't warm up their stethoscope
  14. Doctors who balk if you ask to see their HIPPA agreement
  15. Doctors that don't wash their hands before touching you
  16. Doctors and staff who tell you one thing and don't follow through
  17. Doctors that constantly need to be reminded that I have allergies, and I'm on Coumadin and Aspirin (blood thinners)
  18. Doctors who prescient things that have interactions with other medications and I ask them "will this affect that" they say no but have absolutely no idea and it does and causes me great pain frustration and me to miss more of my life
  19. Doctors that don't understand why I don't blindly trust them
  20. Doctors that don't explain things
  21. Doctors who treat me like I'm just a number
  22. Doctors that speak to patients in medical jargon and abbreviations
  23. Doctors that get offended when I ask for their credentials
  24. And many more