My favorite cheeses

Picking a favorite cheese is like picking a favorite child - it depends on my mood and the situation. And knowing about cheese is like martial arts: as good as your Kung Fu might be, there's always someone with Kung Fu better than yours. That said here are some of my faves. Tip o' the cap to @kcupcaker for the request.
  1. Flory's Truckle
    English-style bandaged cheddar actually made in Jamesport, Missouri but with an international rep.
  2. P'tit Basque
    French sheep's milk cheese, great by itself or melted in a variety of dishes (lightly fried eggs over chorizo & p'tit basque)
  3. Gjetost
    Pronounced like you're cheering for toast (YEA-toast!). Has a delicious caramel flavor because it's stirred and heated slowly until the milk caramelizes. Great with fruit and/or chocolate. After every few bites, take a palate-cleansing drink of water and the party in your mouth starts all over again.
  4. Colston Bassett Stilton
    Hands down my favorite blue - nutty, creamy - but I mentioned it already in the comments of another list so...
  5. Roaring 40s Blue
    If you can find it, get some. Won't be cheap but treat yourself. I'm sure you did something to deserve it!
  6. Swiss Alpage Gruyere
    Official name is Gruyère d'Alpage AOP. Limited production. Made only in the summer. The cows go up the mountain, graze, are milked there and the cheese is made there. This is one of the most incredible cheeses, stuff going on all over the inside of your mouth.
  7. Vella Monterey Dry Jack
    Hard and salty and so damn delicious.
  8. Piave
    Italian cows milk cheese. Kind of like a Parmigiano-Reggiano but rather than shredding it, you slice, shave, etc. When you serve, put a little honey on the side and dip a piece now and then.
  9. Point Reyes Toma
    Pop a bit in your mouth and you go, ok nice. Then it just keeps going but so subtly. Also makes for a freaking good grilled cheese sandwich.
  10. de Meaux Brie
    The closest thing to French brie you can get in 'Merica. Please let it sit out a while to bring out the flavor before you eat it.
  11. Bent River Camenbert
    Stinky cheese, mild delicious flavor. Wife hates it when I bring it home...until she eats some. Again, let it sit out a bit before eating.