Things My Friend Mike Reminds Me Of

  1. Dr. Evil
  2. Dr Evil's cat
  3. Tyrion after his battle scars
  4. A hobbit
  5. Dobby
  6. Dopey
  7. A palid orc
  8. Voldemort
  9. Rufus from Kim Possible
  10. The evil germs of the Powerpuff girls
  11. Plank from Ed, Edd and Eddy
  12. Wilson from castaway
  13. Lemongrab from Adventure Time
  14. The penguin (Danny Devito version)
  15. Danny Devito in Matilda
  16. Danny Devito in It's always sunny in Philadelphia
  17. Danny Devito
  18. The groundhog from groundhog day
  19. The hairless cat from friends that Rachel buys and everyone thinks is a snake
  20. A snake
  21. Davros from Doctor Who
  22. Francis from a bug's life
  23. Gollum
  24. Yzma when she turns into a cat
  25. Mugatu
  26. Mugatu's cat
  27. The Ood from Doctor Who
  28. The pale policeman from The Heat