1. Something seems off, but you can't quite put your finger on it
  2. You're having more difficulty sleeping then you used to
  3. Your muscles are sore, or tense,
    but not all the time
  4. All 5 of the doctors you consulted said "I am not concerned"
  5. All 5 of the doctors you consulted said "you're actually quite healthy"
  6. Something just looks different about the color of your urine, it seems more yellow, but not normal urine yellow, but more of a "different yellow"
  7. You're having trouble concentrating
  8. Everyone is telling you there is nothing to worry about, but you're not so sure
  9. Several websites you've visited seem to suggest that, yes, something is happening, and that friends and doctors may not be reliable
  10. You know that it's not just anxiety, because your symptoms are real
  11. You are asymptomatic