‘Tis the season to use the word “’tis”, and also to watch Christmas movies. As you’ll see below, I don’t have any animated movies in my Top Five. It’s not that I dislike them, in fact I really like The Year Without a Santa Claus, but I determined the ones I’m gunna sit and watch without fail every time. And these five are them:
  1. The Santa Clause
    The five spot is a tough one, as it really sets up the rest of your list. This narrowly beat out others but when I think of my overall Top 5, I can’t not have this in there.
  2. A Christmas Story
    One of the classics, but it has been slowly moving on my list. There was a time it was favorite, but the more I watch the others, the more this movie gets bumped.
  3. Christmas Vacation
    I can’t even tell you my favorite part of the movie because there’s too many. Little scenes like the ladder scene, or shaking the box with a cat in it make me literally laugh out loud each time. Absolutely hilarious.
  4. Elf
    When Elf came out in 2003 it was a game-changer. A Christmas comedy hasn’t been this great in years and it was what we all needed, kids and adults alike. Fun fact about Elf is that it was written years before and was originally going to have Jim Carrey in it. Thank God it didn’t, Ferrell is the perfect fit.
  5. It's A Wonderful Life
    Cliché, I know, but I finally watched this movie in its entirety a few years ago and just loved it. Not to be all sappy, but it’s really got a great message about sacrifice and the importance of good friends and family. Merry Christmas you wonderful old Building & Loan!