In celebration of the "final" film in the series coming out this weekend, here's my ranking.
  1. 5: PA4
    The final three minutes of terror and suspense are overshadowed by an annoying protagonist, unoriginal scares, and the worst parents ever.
  2. 4: PA2
    This disappointing followup takes many risks, some of which are highly effective, and some that were too forced. The tie-in to PA1 is excellent however.
  3. 3: PA: The Marked Ones
    In an effort to change things up following PA4, the film has many new types of scares, mixed with some predictable jump scares that ties into the franchise in an interesting and clever way.
  4. 2: PA3
    This film gives the origin story for the franchise, while constantly delivering well placed scares that occasionally cross the threshold of "jump scares" and truly makes the audience cringe in terror.
  5. 1: Paranormal Activity
    Greatly playing a part in the revamp of the found footage film, this disturbing low budget film brought a fresh look at horror in a slow build that continually makes the audience uneasy before the explosive finale with an impressively low budget.