Til this day - these four albums are still listened to on a daily basis.
  1. Room for Squares (John Mayer)
    'No Such Thing' was my very first John Mayer song (that wasn't popular on the radio) that I heard of him. I only knew his songs: Say & Waiting on the World to Change. I remember walking near a park and that song came on and I knew this was an artist that fully understands my feeling and emotions. FYI - this happened freshman years of high school.
  2. Crazy Love (Michael Buble)
    If you ever want to feel the magic of true love then look no further than this album. You hear songs that can make you feel the pain of loneliness and heartbreaks but you also feel the pure greatness of being love. 'Haven't Met You Yet,' still is the best song that Buble has done.
  3. Off the Wall (Michael Jackson)
    I remember going to pre-school listening to this album with my dad. I first hated MJ and this album because of the way album looked. It was a brick wall with some black pants and shiny socks. It's probably the best album til this day.
  4. Paradise Valley (John Mayer)
    From songs: Waiting on the Day, Who You Love, Dear Marie, I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea), Wildfire, and On the Way Home; these songs all have a special place in my heart during the bad and good times of 2013-2014.