Thoughts I had while watching 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time.

  1. Why is the screen black?
  2. I can hear stuff, but there isn't anything on screen.
  3. It's been 2 minutes already and the screen is still black.
    Should I skip ahead and check to see if theres something wrong with the disc?
  4. **Pressed the next chapter bottom**
    Oh, there's the old MGM logo.
  5. **Rewinds a little bit**
    Oh, back to black.
  6. So then the whole intro was just music on a black screen? Weird.
    Maybe that was so that the people in the theatre knew that the film was going to start. Similar to dimming the lights for a theatre production. Just guessing here...
  7. Great soundtrack!
    Though I was a little tired when I watched this, and some of the tracks sort of lulled me into a slight sleep before I realized what was going on.
  8. I get the monkey scene, but it didn't feel right in a "futuristic" science fiction movie.
    But I understand its significance.
  9. This movie is definitely interesting.
  10. Great shots too.
  11. And the special effects definitely still hold up today.
  12. "Intermission"?
  13. Did they take a break when this was playing in the theatres for people to refill their popcorn or get more beverage?
    Actually, it would be nice if movies did that today too. I always run out of popcorn 10 minutes into the movie.
  14. More black screen with music?
    Okay Stanley Kubrick, you do you.
  15. Hal. What are you doing?
  16. Hal...
  17. 😲
  18. Plot twist.
  19. 😳
  20. Trippy
  21. This end scene is confusing.
    Maybe I just need to watch it another few times to get it.
  22. Credits.