JoJo requested this so here it is!
  1. Directing and acting are opposite jobs with opposite goals and it is essentially impossible to truly do both at the same time. I do not recommend it.
  2. Everyone will have everyone else's social security number in their Dropbox and there's nothing you can do about it.
  3. Snacks are very important.
  4. Being an artist and being a businessman are opposite jobs with opposite goals. One is about maximizing risk and one is about minimizing it. But you have to be both!
  5. Trust your instincts on the people you hire and hire people who have guts you trust!
  6. Storyboards and rehearsals are essential or you'll realize you had a subtly different vision of something when you get to set and it will SLOW YOU DOWN.
  7. For a few weeks after the shoot you will continue to think you might be wearing a mic when you are alone.
  8. The big acting days make you go inward and want to be alone and the big directing days will make you go outward and want to talk and talk.
  9. It's a lot like summer camp and you'll make new lifelong friends! But it is also an insane thing to do that might drive you crazy.