📸 The Last 5 Photos I Took, Explained

Most of my photos are screenshots, so I really had to dig to find photos that I actually photographed
  1. A face swap of my sister and her husband that had him snorting, crying and unable to breathe. He said my sister looked like a 70 yr old he plays hockey with.
  2. The day of, what Vancouver calls, heavy snow aka snow that sticks to the road. I got to leave early because it was snowing heavily where my boss lives and she said we could peace out early.
  3. HAHAHAHA I am one of those assholes that password protects the printer at work, but to be fair, it's a small business and a shitty printer that runs out of ink too fast and we can't have every Tom, Dick and Harry printing letter sized photos at will.
  4. I forgot all about this one. This is from the last time I dog sat and I think I was packing and he was lying there staring at me AND I LOVE HIM MORE THAN I LOVE MOST PEOPLE.
  5. Another dog photo. TBH I'm surprised these weren't all dog photos. Boo's here too for this one and we're doing nothing aka my favourite thing ever.