Inspired by @playcait Clearly, I LOVE the ocean. Follow me 😉 @mroy626
  1. January🎇
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    Started the year off editing some old home videos together!
  2. February 😍
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    My boys (aka the Patriots) winning the Super Bowl!
  3. March☀️
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    We had a really warm spell, which I took to mean I could now go to the beach all the time
  4. April🌸
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    My favorite tree blooms for about 2 weeks every spring-I love it!
  5. May👯💃🏼
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    My competitive dancers had a showcase. I love them so much!
  6. June🌊
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    My birthday month! Obviously marked by a picture of the ocean.
  7. July🎭
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    RENT! Opened this month. By far, my favorite musical that I've choreographed. I looked forward to this show for almost two years, and the experience was better than I could have ever imagined. I made some great friendships during this show, and improved so much as a choreographer. Not to mention, 15yr old me was giving me a high five for finally working on this show.
  8. August🏖
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    Couldn't finish out the summer without a beach picture 😜 This is one of my favorite secret beach spots!
  9. September🍂
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    Best mug ever. I love Cows
  10. October🎃
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    Halloween is my favorite holiday! My pumpkins are almost always a variation on a theme...stars!
  11. November👰🏻
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    I was in a wedding! It was my first real wedding that I've been it. I grew so close with these girls, and am so thankful to have been included!
  12. December 🎅🏼🎄
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    "What?! It's over 50 degrees in Maine on Christmas Eve??! more beach photo..."