Inspired by a bunch of people I follow
  1. Mixed drink 🍸
    Tom Collins
  2. Drink (not mix)🍺
    CIDER. Magner's pear is da 💣
  3. Drink (non-alcoholic)🐮
    Oakhurst Skim Milk
  4. Sandwich
    PB&J or turkey, cheese&lettuce!
  5. Wrap
    Chicken Caesar Salad!
  6. Pizza🍕
    With ricotta and feta mmm
  7. Ice cream🍦
    Coffee Oreo
  8. Coffee (from Dunks)
    Medium Iced French Vanilla Caramel Swirl with Skim Milk. Year round
  9. Coffee (Gloria Jeans)
    White Chocolate Caramel Cookie Chiller. No whipped cream, yes caramel
  10. Aroma Joe's
    Raspberry Rush
  11. Manicure💅🏼
    French Shellac
  12. Fast Food
    Chicken nuggs from Wendy's. Sweet&sour sauce is a MUST
  13. Candy
    Peanut Butter M&Ms
  14. Snack
  15. Brunch
    Omelette with spinach, feta and tomatoes. Raisin Bread on the side