The show with no decent parents, in a town where almost everyone was related somehow and nobody locked their doors. Also, fuck Nannie Carrie and Dan. Ick 😖 would love to hear other opinions! Oh, and feel free to judge me for this list. I'm embarrassed to have made it.
  1. Brooke Davis
    Brooke Davis came such a long way during this series. From the skanky, selfish girl in season 1, to the classy, selfLESS girl in season 9, Brooke's character transformed in a way we all wish we could. She always said the honest things you wish you could say to people, and wasn't afraid to stand up for any injustices. Also, if I could be Sophia Bush for just 3 seconds, I would be satisfied.
  2. Whitey
    He was the man. He meddled a lot, but it was always with the best intentions, and proved to be oddly successful.
  3. Lucas Scott
    Okay, it is hard for me to be objective about him. I loved and rooted for him along the way, but he made some seriously big jackass decisions that kind of got swept under the rug. Cheating on girlfriends and almost killing a couple of people. No biggie. If he had just stayed with Peyton from the beginning, we probably would have avoided a lot of these issues. Gotta love this guy's heart, though.
  4. Nathan Scott
    This dude was constantly apologizing. He made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I think he always had good intentions. The only redeeming quality of Haley's was that she turned Nathan around and helped him become a decent human being. His character and Brooke's seemed to follow a similar path, and I was happy to see that things worked out for him.
  5. Keith Scott
    Stand-up guy. Wish he didn't die off, but it allowed for so many important storylines
  6. Peyton Sawyer
    I mean, I am all team Peyton&Lucas, but she was never my favorite character. She went through a lot during this series, but always faced the tough times confidently. The whole brother Derek thing was kind of obnoxious-hello, webcams can be scary shit-but she dealt with it in the badass way she always did. Peyton was kind of a paradox-the while cheerleader vs. loner artist thing, but it worked for her. She has the best terrified face in the cast, though.
  7. Haley James Scott
    Least favorite of the main 3 girls. I tried to like her repeatedly, but she always seemed to jump to conclusions without hearing everyone out. Kind of like she was on a high horse. I don't know. I've always struggled to find the good in her character. The whole leaving for her music career and ALWAYS giving Nathan shit was a pain, plus the whole "I'm a smart good girl but oops here's a jock let's throw my life out the window" thing during HS was frustrating, too.
  8. Karen Roe
    A strong woman, but I wasn't a huge fan for some reason. Maybe because she liked to just peace out here and there during the series? Like I know your life was hard, but like hello? What about your kid? Oh well, Keith loved her and Lucas was raised by her, so she must be pretty great.