Because I'm from New England. And we're 10-0, thank you very much.
  1. Tom Brady
    Where do I begin? Best QB of all time, adorable dad, beautiful husband, just overall incredible human being that is beyond dedicated to the game. He is the perfect role model for how to prepare yourself to be the best you can be. *You are the sum of all your training* I admire his determination and commitment most of all.
  2. Julian Edelman "Jules"
    I think he is gorgeous. He is a stupendous WR. Best of all? His freaking YouTube channel. LOVE his sense of humor. And his body. Just had to add that in. Can't wait until he recovers.
  3. Rob Gronkowski "GRONK"
    Talk about sense of humor. This little puppy just seems like so much fun. He is the epitome of a football jock, but he is so adorable, that you don't even notice it. I would like to just hang out around him. Not to mention he's unstoppable and was born to play. Oh, and rockin' bod, of course
  4. Danny Amendola "DOLA"
    Beyond attractive. I think I would probably melt if I met him. He is great, too, and has really stepped up his game since Jules has been out.
  5. Stephen Gostowski
    I have ridiculous high expectations for field goals. Thankfully, Gostowski has met every single one of them. He is just incredible.
  6. Jimmy Garrapolo "Jimmy G"
    He. Is. Beautiful. I am 100% okay with him being Brady's backup. Also, he confirms my theory that the Pats have a special "attractiveness" portion of their tryouts.
  7. Scott Chandler
    His kids are freaking adorable. He isn't too bad, either.
  8. Jarrod Mayo
    His daughter essentially won the Super Bowl press day. SO stinking cute.