Inspired by @elruff
  1. Socks
    Always losing those buggers
  2. Books
    Bring 'em on. I love suggestions!
  3. Gift Cards to anywhere
    I can find something I want anywhere. Challenge accepted.
  4. Sweaters
    I'm always cold. I will wear these year-round
  5. Any clothes, really.
    Workout/dressy/casual-your fashion sense is probably better than mine
  6. Hair/Makeup stuff
    Any tips would be welcomed, too
  7. Dance shoes/accessories
    I'm a 36 miller&Ben, 6.5 capezio 😚
  8. Anything heartfelt
    Inside jokes? Let's reference them! Great picture of us from something memorable? Dollar tree frame that shit. We've talked about something once? I'm sure I'll remember, so draw a picture of it.
  9. Earrings
    I will love them and wear them regularly-especially when I see you.