These little quizzes are kind of lame, but I thought it would be a good way to get to know me!
  1. A-Age?:
  2. B-Biggest Fear?:
    Bees. Getting stranded somewhere
  3. C-Current Time?:
  4. D-Drink You Last Had?:
  5. E-Every day starts with?:
    Going to the bathroom
  6. F-Favorite Song?:
    Why Georgia by @john
  7. G-Ghosts, are they real?:
  8. H-Hometown?:
    Gorham, Maine
  9. I-In Love With?:
    Hard decision. It's a tie between Zac Efron/Julian Edelman/Leonardo DiCaprio/Colin Jost/John Mayer
  10. J-Jealous of?:
    Either the people who went to see Shaping Sound last night, or the people dancing on tour with SYTYCD or Shapinf Sound. #dancelife
  11. K-Killed someone?:
  12. L-Last Time You Cried?:
    Couple weeks ago. Overtired/embarrassed/emotional
  13. M- Middle name?:
  14. N-Number of Siblings?:
  15. O-One Wish?:
    My student loans disappear
  16. P-Person You Last Called?:
  17. Q-Question You're Always Asked?:
    "Is it this?" (In reference to any dance move, ever. Typically asked at the same time as five other people. Repeatedly.)
  18. R-Reason to Smile?:
    My students are the best. Also I just saw SYTYCD and was re-inspired.
  19. S-Song You Last Sang?:
    Something from Next to Normal
  20. T- Time you woke up?:
  21. U-Underwear Color?:
    Shades of blue tropical pattern
  22. V-Vacation Destination?:
    Anywhere warm and near the water
  23. W-Worst Habit?:
    Interrupting People
  24. X-X-Rays You've Had?:
    Just dental ones (knock on wood?)
  25. Y-Your Favorite Food?:
  26. Z-Zodiac Sign?: