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favorite dc stories featuring gotham and the dark knight
  1. 1.
    gotham central: in the line of duty
    gotham's crime procedural (think law & order). doesn't really feature batman but it's extremely well written and might just give you the feels.
  2. 2.
    streets of gotham: leviathan
    gotham's runaways are going missing, batman and robin investigate. i love the artwork by nyugen. i love it so much that i bought every graphic novel he's illustrated. i also like the new character they introduce, Colin Wilkes and his relationship with Damian. but mostly i like the artwork by nyugen.
  3. 3.
    batgirl: silent running
    meet cassandra cain (batgirl). raised as an assassin but wants to do what's right. has a overly cartoony style that i really like but might not be for everyone. will probably give you the feels.