| four favorite words |

just four of my favorite words
  1. patina: (pa·ti·na) noun; to leave an impression of.
    i like the idea of wearing something down until it becomes your own. like a sweater that gets faded over time and has the stains and rips that only you have memories of. there's only one sweater in the world like it, because only this sweater has that particular set of imperfections accumulated over the lifetime you wore it. and sure, there may be hundreds of sweaters like it: the same size, same color, the same brand, but this is YOUR sweater. it has your patina.
  2. patience: (pa·tience) noun; the capacity to accept or tolerate suffering without getting angry or upset.
    for a long time i thought being patient was synonymous with being able to take your time or the ability to grit your teeth and bear it. while patience may include these aspects, there's more to it. human beings are extremely resilient. we are capable of bearing a great deal of suffering if we had to. but the question is, are we able to do so without getting angry or upset? this qualifier makes being patient, at least for me, an elusive state. but it's one that i am striving towards.
  3. autodidact: (au·to·di·dact) noun; a self-taught person.
    it wasn't until i was in college that my interests led me to autodidacts like Steve Jobs, Casey Neistat and Malcom-X. uneducated men whose passions led them to educate themselves and eventually mastery in their fields. they inspired me to read more books and learn more on a variety of subjects (design, finance, philosophy) outside the walls of formal education than i ever did inside. in some sense, i think we all must become autodidacts. "the information is there, you just have to look for it."
  4. dilettante: (dil·et·tante) noun; a person who cultivates an area of interest without much commitment or knowledge.
    this word sums up who i am in one word. in college i studied psychology, and for whatever reason, all the exams in the psychology department at the institution i attended were taken in multiple choice. this had the unfortunate effect of conditioning my brain to study for recognition and not recall. more recently, i've been trying to fight back this tendency through notetaking but sadly it does nothing to address my desire to indiscriminately study whatever catches my interest.