| why i love coffee |

o coffee, thou art so divine!
  1. energy
    i love the feeling of having an excess energy. the near manic buzz you get when you have too much coffee and you're essentially vibrating.
  2. energy part 2
    i hate feeling tired. most people might not make a distinction between feeling tired and not having enough energy but i just loathe the feeling of being in an energy deficit.
  3. generosity
    i tend to think i'm more generous after i've had my coffee. i'd say it's cause i have such a surplus of energy that i don't mind burning a bit to help someone else out.
  4. improved mood
    maybe it's the fact that i have more energy, maybe it's because i tend to be more social after my caffeine fix, or maybe it's my favorite beverage triggering the release of dopamine in my brain. i just feel happier after my cup of joe.