What I've learned after turning 40

Why being 40+ is dope AF
  1. The small patch of gray hair actually makes sense and wouldn't change it for shit.
  2. I've become more comfortable saying "No" to demanding friends and family.
  3. I'm more frugal and careful with my use of curse words. (Seriou-fucking-ly)
  4. I don't give two shits about diets and weight loss stuff. (Lemme have a beer, two, three...fuck it, let's stop counting.)
  5. When drinking, I no longer do shots... I be sippin'
  6. I have no problem telling you "Ask my wife, she is da boss." After all, I still don't give two shits about what you think of me.
  7. I'm vociferous about my politics and point of view if it bothers you, unfriend me. (Bye Felicia!)