A chronological list of some of my more memorable birthdays.
  1. 1st Birthday - the one where I had chicken pox.
  2. 3rd Birthday - the one where I threw up all over the kitchen.
  3. 11th Birthday - the one I spent away from home on a school trip and had multiple cakes.
  4. 13th Birthday - the one I took a group of friends to see The Order of The Phoenix and we all mourned Sirius the whole bus journey home.
  5. 14th Birthday - a sleepover where I took a lot of embarrassing selfies that I still use to show people how emo I was.
  6. 16th birthday - the one when we went to the beach and my dad nearly crashed the car because he was distracted whilst driving.
  7. 18th birthday - the one where I made my friends dress up as Lord of the Rings characters and watch all three extended editions back to back.
  8. 20th birthday - the one where the dance floor at the club we went to closed half way through the night to show an international football match of some significance.
  9. 21st birthday - the one where I wore a flower crown because I was born on the fifth of July which is sort of similar to the movie Born on the Fourth of July with lots of hippies in.