The 15th was three years since my brother passed away due to brain cancer. He was 29. I miss him terribly and thought I'd do my first list on the things I miss about him most. Also add things you miss about someone & share who it is! Let's remember them together.
  1. His smile
    It really is the best.
  2. His giving spirit.
    Nothing he wouldn't do for someone else.
  3. His laugh
  4. The way he loves his nieces & nephews.
    They were the most important people to him.
  5. His dedication to family & friends.
  6. The bond him & my sister have. Nothing closer.
  7. His hug.
    Being over 6 feet tall, his arms were so long. You felt like he wrapped them all the way around when he hugged you.
  8. Watching the NBA finals & quizzing him.
    Lakers 4ever.
  9. Everything.