Ever sit in a meeting where someone tells you you're wrong? Instead of insisting you're right, jot yourself a note to email them later.
  1. Write the facts down right after the meeting so you'll remember.
  2. Draft your email.
  3. Leave it in your inbox overnight.
  4. Review in the morning.
  5. Remove phrases like "I'm pretty sure I'm right" and "are you sure?"
  6. Add phrases like " I think I may have misunderstood..." Or "can you explain xyz to me?"
  7. Repeat step 3
  8. Repeat step 4
  9. Double check the info and your understanding of the information.
  10. Edit.
  11. Edit.
  12. Repeat step 3.
  13. Repeat step 4.
  14. Repeat step 9.
  15. Close the email nicely by saying something like "thanks for your help!"