Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

  1. Tamarind tree branch pencils with single word inspiration carved in. Yes please!
  2. I love elephants...Taken to show my husband my new desktop background at work. This earned me a trip to the zoo the next day to see my giant friends. Left feeling a bit down but my zoo qualms need their own list.
  3. Brunch that I made a couple of weeks ago. Currently in bed at 8am on Saturday wishing I weren't too lazy to repeat.
  4. Showing off our switch from bottled to filtered water. My mom was impressed. And yes - that is a drawer full o' cheese.
  5. A ton of wine, an amazing dessert and a mini coffee at a Company dinner. I mean, does it really even need an explanation for making the list?
  6. Office zen. A bit underwhelmed by the fountain but still trying it out. And Mr Fancy was brought back from India by a kind coworker.
  7. My favorite people at one of my favorite places after eating a ton of food while dressed in workout gear to curb the guilt and shun judgement. Awesome day!
  8. I love that my daughter's hair is a thorough representation of her in this picture: beautiful, free-spirited, often aggressively-in-your-face, uninhibited and all over the place.
  9. Flowers sent to me by my husband for no reason other than me sending him a link and mentioning that if he ever wanted to send me flowers these would melt my heart. I received them the next day.
  10. I remember taking this picture early one Saturday morning after reveling in the fact that I was graduating in 3 weeks! I was working on my final projects and feeling great! It took me 3 tries over 11 years and a ton of self-discovery. This pic reminds me of the moment that I realized I had done good!