I don't know why, but when sporting a baby bump people felt compelled to say whatever they wanted to me
  1. "Was it on purpose?" And "Was it an accident?" I'm sure only unmarried women get asked these gems.
  2. "My face got really big just like yours."
  3. "You're really pale today, are you okay?"
  4. Some person as above, the following day "did you not wash your face this morning? Or are you wearing extra make-up?"
  5. "Your feet look terrible" Admittedly my feet looked like sausages.
  6. "Your boobs are huge."
  7. "Your belly is so big it makes your boobs look smaller."
  8. "If the doctor says your baby is big enough, just go ahead and have it. Even if it's early, if you wait until you're full term you'll have complications or something will be wrong with the baby."