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  1. Finish college
    Don't take a break. Don't quit. Keep going.
  2. Don't go on that date
    He may be handsome. He may seem perfect. He may make you feel pretty. But stay far away. He'll take your innocence without your permission in a cold dark dorm room where no one will hear you crying and begging him to stop.
  3. You are good enough
    You don't need him or her or them or anybody. All you need is you and yourself
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  1. HGTV shows. All of them. Forever.
  2. The Golden Girls.
  3. Diet Cherry Limeades
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Literally the last 5 pictures!
  1. My unborn son's nursery!!! 3 more weeks!
  2. My nephew snuggling on my preggo belly
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Preface this by saying I hate my name!
  1. Patti — Patti Mayonnaise. Makes sense!
  2. Lorraine — not sure what this is from and can't decide if I agree. On one hand yes girls should not feel like they need to waste time chasing boys (they don't need one). On the other hand, you go girl. You know what you want and you're going after it.
  3. Sheridan — lmao okay this works because I have problems with my facial expressions. Also I sell face masks. 👍🏼
  4. Domanski— my married last name and literally no gif came up. Sad day