Today was a great first day of the year and these were the minor quarrels I found myself involved in today...Bob did not respond to a single comment I made, I think he is trying to freeze me out.
  1. I announced when I woke up that I would do absolutely nothing in the year of 2016...he asked me to make coffee so I yelled my resolution again
  2. He told me that I didn't need to have meat in every meal...which I do understand but do not agree with
  3. I squeegeed the garage floor muttering threats because we can't figure out a way for the floor to drain out the door. Then I turned the heat up and caused a small electrical fire to erupt (presumably because the of the excess moisture in the garage)... Then Bob happened to enter the garage at this point so...I yelled at him
  4. McDonald's was cold...I told bob I was disappointed
  5. Because I am married to him...I had to endure his family touring their friends around our house BUT first I had to clean the fucking place before they arrived
  6. He climbed into the bathtub fully clothed and watched me do my hair and proceeded to fart...I yelled
  7. I started this thing a while back where I would jab Bob when he least expects it to "prepare" him for a random attack and to teach him to always expect the he jabbed me back and it I yelled at him
  8. I tried to bring up the conversation him and I once had about how I over analyze lyrics in songs and made comment how Courtney agreed with him...he started to re explain his thinking...I yelled.
  9. He called me by my 2015 nick name...this made me mad
  10. I didn't like the new nick name he created for me for 2016
  11. I tried to show him how proud of the list I just made about yelling at him I was...he didn't think it was funny or understand it...I yelled...he suggested I add it to the list.