1. The Gator Chomp
  2. Swinging and swaying to "We Are the Boys" at the start of the fourth quarter
  3. Singing the Alma Mater
  4. Mr. Two Bits
  5. Orange and blue chant at the beginning of games
  6. Insanely losing your mind at the sound of "Only Gators Get Out Alive" when the team runs onto the field
  7. Singing the fight song in the end zone at the end of a game
  8. Tailgating
  9. The Homecoming parade
  10. The WLOCP (World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party for you noobz) & hand in hand with this...beating Georgia
  11. Gator Walk
  12. Heisman winning quarterbacks
  13. DBU
  14. Being the home of the Original HBC (AKA the visor)
  15. Seeing someone to say "Go Gators" to no matter where you are in the world #TheGatorNation