Being a fan of a team on the bye means time to endlessly mock the bad things that happen to all teams actually playing
  1. No stress
    Relax. Actually breathe during football. Don't have a coronary because it's not your team.
  2. Drinking at home (See #CBSDrink)
    Have as many as you want you lush. No judgy looks from that couple with small children. No driving. Just sitting. And drinking.
  3. Screaming. Whatever you want.
    See above about judgy looks. Also needlessly insulting teams and fan bases that you truly know nothing about just because you can.
  4. Naps
    Terrible 3:30 hour? Take a nap so you can recharge for Pac-12 after dark.
  5. Actually watching football
    Finally. An understanding of why there's a real need to talk to your kids about an undefeated Iowa. Except for they're also on the bye.