I'd literally kill for...

Things that are few and far between in my life. Who am I kidding?! Let's say nonexistent.
  1. Sleep or at least 7 hours straight
    Why could I stay up drinking till 5am in my early twenties and still function the next day? Now I've traded in the boozed-fill nights for baby filled nights.
  2. Perfect skin or at least normal skin
    I stopped getting major zit outbreaks after high school but they've left dents. Oh and I'm so sleep-ridden that I look beat in the face.
  3. Hair or at least eyelashes
    Alopecia is a bitch I've gotten used to and defiantly defines who I am today. But I've always wanted to feel the wind blow through my hair again. Oh and stop constantly getting shit in my eyes.
  4. A candy bar or at least a bite of chocolate
    Gaining 60 lbs while pregnant isn't ideal and was gained way faster than its coming off. Diets are a struggle.
  5. Dogs that stop shedding or at least can clean up their hair
    It's literally everywhere all the time. I'm sure my son had swallowed enough to form several baby hair balls.