My 41- year- old mother was diagnosed with systemic lupus 12 years ago.
  1. Since I live 700 miles away, I feel frequent guilt about not being able to help her more.
  2. She almost never tells me that she's in pain, but I can always tell when she's having a rough day.
  3. Lupus is hereditary, and my fear for my own health in the future seems selfish.
  4. I wish she wouldn't push herself so hard. She's always doing for others and never herself.
  5. I've seen the way lupus has progressed in other women and I don't know how I'll handle seeing that happen to her.
  6. She and I didn't get along when I was a teenager, and thinking about how much she struggles makes me regret every stupid thing I've said or done to her.
  7. I don't want to lose her.