Growing up as only child, pets were all I had sometimes.
  1. Reggie
    A male tiger cat. Liked to rub on everyone.
  2. Jinx
    A male black cat. Liked to taunt my goldfish. Eventually had my goldfish for lunch. Don't remember being too fond of this cat.
  3. Goldie
    My goldfish. I won her at the St. Louis festival. Life cut short because of Jinx.
  4. Babies
    A female black lab. Grown when we got her. Liked to run down Main Street to the old meat market and get cold cuts from my favorite Aunt Teresa, who worked there. She also lived behind me growing up. Mom used to carry me to her house, wrapped up in my blanket, at 6am to babysit me. Babies eventually got hit by a car on Main Street.
  5. Never named sweet adopted puppy
    Female brown mutt. Long hair on her ears. Super nervous and shaky when we pick her up. I am with my Dad, Mom and my best friend, Ginny. We get in the truck and the dog pukes all over Ginny. We freak out. The dog gets scared and jumps out of the truck (still parked) and gets hit by a car.
  6. Jig Butt Seemann
    A female black mixed lab. Arrived one afternoon with my Dad. He unzipped her from his oversized Carhart jacket. She literally jumped into my arms and never left my side for 10 years.
  7. Cuddles
    A multi colored guinea pig. I liked to let her roam around my play room until Glenda threw Cuddles across the room. Cuddles did bite her! Her teeth were sharp!
  8. Cole (Coca Cola)
    A black male mixed lab. Very roly-poly. Chewed the inside of our garage. Loved to take up the entire bed.
  9. Chloe
    A white and black female mixed lab. Cole's baby sister of the litter. Two puppies at the same time. Childhood dream after being devastated from the loss of my dog, Jig. Both dogs moved with me to Texas in 1999. They were pulled behind the Uhaul in our red Toyota tercel 1800 miles. Dennis didn't allow dogs in the house so they became outside dogs. They didn't survive long.
  10. Stella
    A green iguana. She took up half of the kitchen at Daddy's with her humble abode. We liked to let her outside to graze in the grass.
  11. Doris
    A light brown female teddy bear hamster. Named after my bff, Farrah Doris Anastasia Phillips. Poor thing suffered from a tumor until Daddy put her out of her misery with his pellet gun.
  12. Pablo
    A black male Rottweiler mix. Just like everything else that started at Starbucks at the strip, his life was exciting but gone in a flash. He got hit by a car while Anthony's brother, Peter, was watching after him. RIP Pablo.
  13. Teddy
    A black, male jack-a-poo. Rescued on one of me and Glenda's adventures in Alliance. My first love affair with a tiny dog. He loved to be fluffed out with the hair dryer after his bathes. He looked like a dwarf sheep but he had a wild streak. Loved to sprint out of the house when the boys would open the front door. One day, Teddy Bear never came home.
  14. Lulu Sunshine
    A multi colored female beagle. Rescued her from a place in New Philadelphia. She's been my first true adult companion. Always by my side, protecting me, protecting my kids. Her nick name is Sexy Lady. She has floor anxiety and will not stop pacing if a couch or bed isn't available. Her favorite hobbies are nature watching in the back yard, chilling with me and Adam and watching for the kids to come home off of the bus.
  15. Linus
    A white and brown spotted male beagle bulldog. His spots used to make three giant circles down his back. Now they resemble the poop emoji. He was the only dog purchased from a pet shop. Followed by our vet telling us he was on an unnecessary medication that could have caused his liver to fail. Plus he was a butt load of money. Continues to be a pain in my ass daily. But his good looks save him from exile. Thinks he can talk like his humans. Has a cute butt shake.