My grandmother was a bartender. My grandfather (whom I never met) made his own wine. My Daddy was an alcoholic. My mother used to park and send me into bars in the middle of night to collect my Daddy. Ironically, my mother is now an alcoholic.
  1. The Louisville Bowling Alley
    Fond memories here. Grandma used to bartend here. Had good food here. Had my son's birthday there. Had Daddy's 50th surprise birthday there.
  2. Grady's/Louie's/Hot Laps
    Black Velvet, dancing on tables, getting free stuffed animals from the crane vendor, looking for quarters, pinball; grandma also bartended here. Family used to meet and party here. Later when it was a titty bar, I would have to pick up dad after my school and his work. Someone would drop him off there from working at East Manufacturing up the road. My guy buddies would always want to tag along. Good and bad memories here.
  3. Town Tavern
    This was the hometown bar. Spent most rainy Saturday afternoons here with Daddy. Probably my favorite place of all of the bars. Always a cool bartender (Gary: whom I nicknamed Capt. Hook), always a good selection on the jukebox and I always got treated to chips and pop and $5.00 not to tell Mom we were there. After I turned 21, it's still a place I like to visit.
  4. The Eagles
    Lots of fun memories here with family friends. Had to get buzzed in and that took a while when you were 6 and couldn't be seen when you rang the buzzer. But I always got let in eventually. In high school we met for breakfast here before school. It was cool because most of us were all 18 and you could still smoke inside.
  5. The American Legion
    Also a place you needed to be buzzed in. This place was set back by my favorite park. When dad took me here during the day we would always stop and swing on the swings together. He would sing, "Take me out to the ball game". This place became the place where we had Daddy's memorial service.
  6. Hide-a-Way
    When he didn't want to be found, he was here sometimes. They had buffalo burgers and an ugly stuffed buffalo head on the wall.
  7. V.F.W
    Ginny's grandma bartended here. You needed to be buzzed in here too. This place was cool because it had a park behind it. Good music, funny characters, good food. Good and sad memories here. RIP Danny.
  8. The Elm Inn
    Sometimes, Mom, Daddy and me would eat dinner here together. It was close to grandma Betty's house. They had cheap steaks and amazing fried mushrooms. Mostly a biker bar.
  9. Time Out
    I definitely remember being sent inside of here to get Daddy in my pajamas. It was the dirtiest bar in town. Not a good reputation.
  10. Quinn's/Floyds
    Didn't frequent this bar a lot when it was Quinn's but when it was Floyd's I spent my 22nd birthday here with lifelong friends, Daddy and his friend and my friend's Dad, Rusty. We all walked home to Dad's house afterwards.