1. House/Babies
    Maybe this is why I'm so good at 'faking it till you make it'. I've been pretending and acting out day dreams since I can remember. Didn't matter if I didn't have anyone to play with me because I would get lost in my own stories and all I needed was my imagination. I had a cradle my grandpa made me for my babies. I loved to play the part of Mommy.
  2. Barbies
    I had some special dolls. I always wanted the dolls and accessories my friends had. My favorite was totally hair Barbie and totally hair Ken. I still have Brenda and Dylan from 90210. The closest thing I got to a Barbie dream house was a make shift Barbie mansion made out of hardback Sesame Street books made by my Daddy. I could have done that all day.
  3. Stickers
    This was the first squad I belonged to. In elementary we would meet at the picnic tables at recess to trade. I had sticker albums and a special folder for all of my stuff. I would get new stickers after school from Penny Alley with Ginny. Lisa Frank was the coolest thing ever next to scratch and sniff stickers. Before scrapbooking was cool there were sticker albums.
  4. Writing short stories
    I have had a diary since 3rd grade. I also started writing and reading my short stories to my classmates in school. Sometimes I would try to illustrate my stories but my real talent was writing. I used to send my stories to my great aunt Eileen in Indiana and read them over the phone to my grandparents. Poetry came later for me, but as I got older I really got into grammar and sentence diagramming. I was the only one of my peers. I loved reading aloud in class or to anyone who would listen.
  5. Board games
    I need another list for this. But man, did I love board games!
  6. Play dough
    I could make a whole feast out of play dough. But this was usually done at Denise's house.
  7. Perler beads
    You made some design with small colorful pegs. Then put a piece of paper on top of your creation. Then Mom would use the iron to finish my creation.
  8. Lite bright
    I hope everyone did this growing up.
  9. Nintendo
    We used to rent the system before we could afford to buy it. I loved Mario, some rainbow game and Zombies Ate my Neighbors. Played a little Atari at Ginny's house.
  10. Video painter
    I feel like this was the first tv/video media game and I had it. You could paint and play games or do puzzles.
  11. Riding my bike
    I was allowed to go anywhere in town. Broad street park was right behind my house. Always someone in the neighborhood to ride with. I had to be home by dark. I loved riding up town and going to Penny Alley, IGA, Hallmark, Nees, the pet store and of course the Town tavern. (If dad was in there I would get a pop, a bag of chips and some quarters for the juke box and pinball.)
  12. Roller skating
    Every big young moment happened at the skating rink. Horribly embarrassing and joyous occasions all rolled into one. Unforgettable friends.
  13. Brownies/Girl scouts
    I enjoyed this for a while but I outgrew it faster than my Mom thought I would. My favorite was participating in parades and going to camp. Troop #535
  14. Pogs
    I don't even remember why or what you did with them. Kinda dumb.
  15. Trading cards
    I loved collecting these! I had music ones, Saved By the Bell, 90210 and I also have a nice stash of baseball cards; all from the 1995-1998 Cleveland Indians.
  16. Reading
    I was read to almost every night. I had a book that was titled, "365 Stories for every day of the year". Dad usually did the reading. I got into poetry, Amelia Bedelia, The Bereanstein Bears, Sweet Valley High, and all magazines like Bop.