Too. Many...
  1. Dish towels.
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    27 and counting. We have a dishwasher. I am not the sort of woman who uses holiday-themed dish towels, table cloths, serving bowls, etc. FFS, Ma and Mother-in-law, STOP with the dish towels. For real.
  2. Throw blankets.
    These were awesome when we first bought our house, but much like the dish towels, we do not need annual replenishment.
  3. Anything scented.
    Lotions, candles, fragrance diffusers... Please let me select my own stink.
  4. Socks.
    I hate socks. They make me feel like my feet are being mugged. I only wear them when I'm going outside in weather below 20 degrees F. Which is not that often, even though I live in New England. Keep all your socks.
  5. Reusable bags.
    Yes, I reuse bags. And now I have reusable bags from all the local grocery stores, Whole Foods, and various non-profits, as well as myriad other places I have never heard of and will likely never visit. Enough.
  6. Bags of crap. Especially from the Christmas Tree Shop.
    This is my husband's addition. Largely because his parents will show up at our house and say, "We brought you a bag of crap from CTS." "We generate enough crap on our own," he says. True.