I don't want to tell you what to do, but I swear you will love this TV show
  1. For fans of You're the Worst and/or Catastrophe
    If you like these shows, you will LOVE Please Like Me. They all try to paint an honest picture of life, in a thought provoking yet hilarious way. And even if you've never heard of any of these shows, I promise you will love them both, and Please Like Me!
  2. It talks about mental health unabashedly, from the very beginning
    I love that You're the Worst has really grown this season, but Please Like Me talked frankly about mental illness from the first episode on
  3. It talks about homosexuality unabashedly, from the very begging
    Not only does this show deal frankly with mental illness, it delves into the main characters life as a gay twenty-something, living with his friends, and learning how to develop real relationships
  4. It's a hilarious Australian comedy, without trying to be funny
    I have laughed out loud a million times at this show. Similarly to You're the Worst and Catastrophe, the show has a smart sense of subtle humor, pulling its hilarity out of everyday life. Plus...those accents!
  5. The two guys who star in it (Josh Thomas and Tom Ward) write the show!!
    I love that these two writers who put their heart and soul into each episode are the ones bringing it to life
  6. It's "delightfully awkward" 😊
    One reviewer wrote this about the show, and I can't think of two better words to describe it
  7. Give it a try, that's all I ask.
    It's third season is on Pivot right now, and the first three episodes of season one are on Hulu for free! After that you need a subscription (but there's always the vast sketchy Internet, which is how I watched this show....sshhhhhh)
  8. And if you love it, let me know!