My first list.
  1. The first time I ever saw Jerry Garcia live was spring of 89 in Milwaukee Wisconsin ..and my first scarlet begonias
  2. 89/90 one can never tell... JGB 4 of 5 nights at the wiltern theater ... Highlights promised land, squealing for dear prudence, all time fave how sweet it is..
    Perhaps the most important - other than my first show- was getting to the 3rd row for 'second that emotion' and having an extended smile lock with the man himself. Never to be forgotten.
  3. Jerry and grisman Wakefield theater circa 1991-2. My first ripple. Dream
  4. Dead and co. Forum Dec 30. My John Mayer induction. Viola Lee blues. The ice that had frozen around my heart to music began to melt and the healing began!
  5. 7/29 Sacramento, CA full circle. I got my ripple! And I think John Mayer saw me! No really, he looked at me right?