This pretty much sums up my world view: don't compare, be generous, suck it up. Thank you to my many teachers.
  1. Inner score card
    From my dad, via Warren Buffett. The inner score card is all about not comparing yourself to others, and knowing what actually matters to you. Comparisons to other people who are prettier or look more successful or seemingly have everything together are simply unhelpful. So I try to lose the comparative thing whenever possible. It's sappy, but happiness has to come from within. And like, uhghhhh writing it makes me barf. But it's still fuckin true.
  2. Life is harder for some people.
    From Lorna Luft, Judy Garland's daughter who I played when I was fourteen. I was in high school, and my best friend was struggling. Sleeping in, not getting work finished, being emotional. It was deeply frustrating to watch, because school (not the social parts, but the school parts) was really easy for me. She was smart, and capable, and couldn't get it together. Hearing from Lorna, who obviously lived this, that some people have a harder time made me more compassionate and less judgey.
  3. Suck it up princess
    From Dave Piggott, my Outward Bound leader. I loved Outward Bound. It was one of the best things I ever did. Life changing. During one portage, I was trying to solo carry a canoe next to a pretty steep drop. I was grumpy and tired. I dropped the canoe and came damn close to a tantrum. Dave came up, looked at me, and very simply said 'Suck it up, princess'. So I did. We were in the middle of the woods. We had to make the portage. Tantrums wouldn't help. So I picked up that fucker and continued.