For all the Valentines...
  1. Hooters
    A winning first date. Brewskies and tatas. Yes please!
  2. Brown Bunny
    Saw this in the theatre. Another winning first date. We both left feeling inadequate and unromantic.
  3. Harry Nilsson's The Point
    This in itself wasn't a bad part of the date. In fact, I thought this was part of the best date I had ever been on. We listened to the full album post-drinks, laid on the floor talking, and then he just said 'Well... Night!' And we hugged and he never called again. Super good album, though.
  4. Poo flush
    After dinner, went back to his place. Had to pee. Went into the washroom only to find an unflushed poo situation. Stood there not sure what to do. Waited a little too long. Turned on tap. Could not pee. Tried to flush. Water levels rose. Had to ask for help unclogging. Unsure if he thought poo situation was mine, and that flood in washroom was due to my BM. A real mood killer.
  5. Halloween Non-Date Date Surprise!
    One time I didn't know I was on a date until halfway through when I realized (after he specifically said) that he was not gay. Slightly awkward. Then we arrived at a party where I saw my ex for the first time since we'd broken up. And I was dressed like 80s workout Jane Fonda. The whole thing was not amazing. But that's why they invented whiskey.