I would love to see some changes. Yes, I'm an annoying Hollyweird liberal, out of touch and idealistic. But I want to stop crying about the world and do some stuff.
  1. Campaign finance reform
    There is nothing less democratic than giant pools of money entering the political system. There's always been graft and bribery in politics, that's not new, but this level is untenable.
  2. Parental leave
    It's a big deal. For kids, for parents, for everyone. Let's just make this happen.
  3. Rename the Redskins
    It's time. It's a racial slur. I'm not even getting into any further football discussion, and there's plenty there. But just really. It's absurd, horrifying, and embarrassing that this is still a thing.
  4. EPA needs more latitude, funding, and power
    The 'self-reporting' companies have never existed. Nobody is doing testing on these synthetic compounds manufactured here in the US or overseas. Read about DuPont and Teflon, or paper bleaching, or just anything. Nobody is going to come forward in the corporate world and admit the toxicity of their product. An independent body needs to be testing this stuff.
  5. Stop beef production in drought-prone areas
    It's just nonsensical. Driving through dusty, sandy cattle areas inland from LA is crazy making. There's no grass! There's not enough water! They maybe shouldn't be there! Not even touching the rest of the industrial meat industry (many changes to be made) but just sense-wise. Let's not be crazy people bringing a ton of cows to a desert.
  6. Meatless Tuesdays too!
    Related to the above. Water use, methane production, sad animals. We need to eat less meat. Vegan before 5, a couple more days a week as a meatless person. Let's continue the trend of avoiding the label of vegetarian or vegan (I'm neither officially, but I mostly eat yummy plants) and just moving toward fewer animal products.
  7. Criminal justice reform
    Rick Perry instituted some amazing and simple new laws in Texas to make it harder to wrongfully convict. Also, Texas drug laws have been showing the rest of the US some better options. If it can happen in Texas... This last year the Kalief Browder case happened. He was a child, kept at Rikers. His story broke my heart. That's not even getting into wrongful shootings and racism in the system. The movement to change the police and jails is terrifyingly important.
  8. Arts programs
    I find my sense of empathy improved, my kindness level increased, and my connection to humanity trebled through art shit. Reading and drawing and dancing and what have you. Any time I think it's BS, I hear some new story about the capacity of some creative group to change lives. In prisoners, in vets, in kids, in the traumatized, in literally everyone.