A request from @Nicholas I just discovered where the requests are! I'm becoming a List App pro!
  1. Clumsiness
    I felt very connected to Maggie Jordan when I read the pilot, based solely on her bumping into a chair. I bump into/fall over things at a rate that defies logic.
  2. Love of champers
    Zelda and I both like champagne. She was much better at being glamourous and awesome, but I do love a sparkling fermented grape beverage.
  3. Never had a fella in high school
    Poor Ella of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen... So relatable because I too 'never had a fella', and didn't really until post-high school. Once out in the world, it became clear that teenage athletes were just not my scene. Artsy boys 4ever!
  4. Perfectionist, self-loathing martyrdom
    April from In Treatment was written by Sarah Treem, and so many young women (including me, I've gotten waaay better) suffer from an inability to ask for help, resentment at not getting help, and then overwhelming loneliness. I got all of that. But it was helpful to be in fake therapy for it over the course of a season. Thanks, Gabriel Byrne!
  5. Political passion
    I wish I could say I'm one sixteenth as political as Anne Kronenberg, who stayed in SF politics after Harvey Milk was murdered. It was an honour and an inspiration to play her. She's a bad ass.
  6. Love of teaching
    Like Teacher in Snowpiercer, or Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker, or Lucy in Cooties, I love teaching kids. Whether it involves semi-automatic weapons, food fights, or zombie babies, I'm there.
  7. Empressness
    Maud in Pillars of the Earth just makes the unilateral decision that instead of a plain old queen, she'll be an empress, thanks. Sometimes I just want to have a lil of that kind of swagger. It's more an aspirational trait. #unapologeticempress