Gahhhh this is so hard! There are so many, and then there's the pressure to be honest but also still be cool. Or attempt to be. Here is a list of the 6 that I have listened to consistently and often since I discovered them, and continue to enjoy. Thank you for the suggestion Jess Barajas!
  1. Crosby, Stills, and Nash Deja Vu
    Not a bad song on here, and their vocals give me chills. This was a supergroup that really was (is) super.
  2. Holly Cole Blame it On My Youth
    I was obsessed with her and her trio. And went to her concert with my friend when I was 11. We were not the typical demographic. I listened to a lot of jazz, but there's something crazy that she brings to the most mundane words that makes me happy. This was the first album of hers I bought, and I still listen to it. Though now on digital what-have-yous. If you don't know her, get on this.
  3. Cats the musical soundtrack
    People hate on this musical. They HATE it. And think it was the death knell of modern musical theatre. Those people are crazy and wrong. Mr. Mistoffeles? Memory? Macavity the mystery cat? Hellloooooooo it's the greatest ever. (This is not a joke. I know every word, and listen to it in the car. A lot.)
  4. Nina Simone The Best of Nina Simone
    I will never tire of this voice and these tunes. She'll take your heart out, and stomp on it, and then put it back in and kiss you better with this album. And Pirate Jenny? I mean come on!
  5. Robyn Body Talk
    Is this a perfect album? Yes. Yes it is. Now go dance your face off.
  6. Patty Griffin 1000 Kisses
    She's someone I discovered because the Dixie Chicks covered her songs. And they were the most heartbreaking glorious songs, and I wanted to know who created them. She's stunning in terms of the stories she tells and her voice that will make you weep. I sing along with this album a lot.
  7. Honorable mentions: Tori Amos Under the Pink and Best of Led Zeppelin