1. Sitting on a cold surface can negatively impact a woman's fertility
  2. Playing with sticks is for dogs - not children
  3. You can make your own cough drops by boiling sugar into a syrup (heroin style, with a spoon over a flame) then pour into buttered spoon with toothpick sticking out - like a lollipop till it cools and hardens
  4. Whenever you come inside, you must remove your shoes and wash your hands and face
  5. From the ages of 0-5, a child is a blank book to be filled - so it's crucial to expose them to only positive, healthy things
  6. Using pacifiers slows down language development
  7. To clean pots, scrub with salt
  8. For an ear ache, sleep with pieces of cooked onion in your ear
  9. Save baby food pouch caps for color sorting games, making chunky necklaces, and helping kids learn to count
  10. Have sex with your husband 2 times a week (minimum, even if you have a headache)
  11. When you are sick you have to eat a teaspoon of baking soda