A handful of songs from my 80's playlist
  1. Can't Hardly Wait
    Do you love The Replacements? Then I love you. This is probably one of the best rock songs ever.
  2. Space Age Love Song
    A Flock of Seagulls. This will make your nostalgic heart ache.
  3. Under Pressure
    Queen & David Bowie. A timeless classic.
  4. I Melt With You
    Modern English. The catchiest song ever?
  5. Pictures Of You
    The Cure. Beautiful and emo, before emo was a thing.
  6. Alive And Kicking
    Simple Minds. Such a good song.
  7. Life In A Northern Town
    The Dream Academy's song about Nick Drake, a British singer/songwriter way, way ahead of his time.
  8. Our House
    Madness. Here's how stupid I was as a kid: I thought, how could a house be in the middle of a street? Do cars have to drive around the house?