I love to read so damn much
  1. The Imajica
    Clive Barker was insanely and darkly creative. His stories taught me to look at fantasy and horror in a new way.
  2. The Great and Secret Show
    More of Clive Barker's wild darkness.
  3. The Chronicles of Narnia
    C. S. Lewis's sweet, simple telling of traditional fantasy. I have passed on the same boxed set of well-worn paperbacks I had as a child to my children.
  4. Out of the Silent Planet
    Part one of C.S. Lewis's space trilogy, in which the hero visits Mars.
  5. Perelandra
    Part two of C. S. Lewis's space trilogy, the setting of this book is a new Eden on Venus. Brilliant, the best of the series, my favorite Lewis, and one of my favorite books ever. Sweet, heartbreaking, and epic. I've read this four or five times. I want to re-read the third book, "That Hideous Strength." It's very good, but uncharacteristically dense.
  6. The Great Divorce
    C. S. Lewis's dream of heaven.
  7. The Old Man And The Sea
    Ernest Hemingway's allegorical fishing journey. Pretty sure everyone has read it. A master class in writing.
  8. God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
    Kurt Vonnegut. Satire, comedy, drama, tragedy. Please read him.
  9. Slapstick
    More Kurt Vonnegut. I will read and re-read this sad, funny, brilliant man until I die.
  10. The Stand
    Weren't all teenage boys into Stephen King in the 80's? This was my favorite.