Good artists copy. Great artists steal.
  1. Miley Cyrus "Dooo it"
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    The video that inspired this list. Let's hope Marilyn Minter is flattered.
  2. Beyoncé "Countdown"
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    Beyonce admitted she was inspired by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker for this one. (And there's lots of bob fosse in there too).
  3. Nicki Minaj "The Boys"
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    Kind of a brilliant meeting of the minds. Is there anyone better suited to borrowing from Yayoi Kusama's cartoonish polka dots than Minaj these days?
  4. Madonna "Hollywood"
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    Guy Bourdin sued. Madonna settled. Everyone's happy?
  5. Rihanna "S&M"
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    Another one that got settled out of court. Congrats David LaChapelle.
  6. Drake "Hotline Bling"
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    James Turrell-approved even though he denies any involvement in this video.
  7. Lady Gaga
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    Hard to choose one. She is a prolific and varied thief - everyone from Damien Hirst to Marina Abramovic to Kenneth Anger to French performance artist Orlan (who also sued).