Inspired by @sophiedushko
  1. Amateur calligrapher
    For about 2 years now. I've really come to enjoy it as a relaxing, creative hobby. To wit:
  2. Literature teacher
    An IB lit teacher, no less. I have three cohorts running right now, reading (in ascending order) "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian," "Flowers for Algernon," and "Hamlet". What a rush.
  3. American expat
    I've been living in Japan since 2000, and I'm doing pretty well I think. My Japanese is still awful, though. Probably because...
  4. Factory-Model Introvert
    I'm not a big fan of socializing, so I don't get a lot of practice with the language. My ideal evening is one at home.
  5. Eldest brother
    Eldest of four, and all my siblings are awesome.
  6. Partner... Boyfriend... Something
    We've been together for over a decade, so Boyfriend sounds a little flippant. We can't get married here, so Husband is out. And Partner sound like I'm in a law firm.
  7. Pet owner
    One rescued black cat (Cooper) and a pug (Milo). Together, they fight crime.
  8. Superhero fan
    For as long as I can remember - my favorites would require another list. DC partisan until comics went digital and I was able to really discover Marvel.
  9. Reader
    Not as much as I used to be, thanks to work. But I still hold books and reading in the highest regard.