Nothing romantic, just a night out in the town with some costumed crusaders.
  1. Spider-Man
    I imagine he'd know the best cheap food in New York.
  2. Squirrel Girl
    It would end up in some kind of wacky adventure full of Doombots and aliens and, of course, squirrels.
  3. Guy Gardner
    Kind of a jerk, but he'd know some great bars.
  4. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Booster Gold
    Can't break up the set, no matter what DC Editorial says.
  5. Thor
    Especially if he'd join Guy - drinking, fighting, it would be glorious.
  6. Matter-Eater Lad
    Not a picky eater.
  7. Oracle
    She'd absolutely crush trivia night, I'm sure.
  8. Zatanna
    She seems oddly down to earth for a magician of immense power.